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Jayn is a certified Food Addiction Assessment Interviewer & Recovery Coach

SUGAR® assessment to uncover problematic or chemical dependence on food.

02What is SUGAR® and how does it work?

SUGAR® is an evaluation tool used to assess a client's relationship with food and eating

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Many people suffer from obsession with food and eating behaviours including dieting, overeating, bingeing and purging and/or constantly thinking about food and weight loss/gain – and have no idea these could be symptoms of addiction.

Jayn Steele - SUGAR® Licensed Coach

What is food addiction?

Is addiction a shameful ‘death-sentence’? Absolutely not! According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM, 2011) “addiction is a chronic, treatable medical condition”.

What is (a) SUGAR® Assessment?

SUGAR® is a structured evaluation tool for professionals working with people who may have developed a chemical dependence (addiction) to sugar/flour/food or eating

Success Stories

I found Jayn at a place of hopelessness. I had tried so many things and continued to fail; I knew I was addicted to food but could not stop the cycle. Jayn’s compassion and group support process helped me make a huge pivot in my ability to stay abstinent and have compassion for myself.
ShellyWashington State, USA

Are you addicted to food?

Currently SUGAR® is the only evaluation instrument that examines the client's relationship with food and eating behaviour and their related consequences.
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