Jayn's Addiction

Recovery Coaching

If you have been through the Assessment, Treatment & Support process and would like more help – we also offer personalized one-on-one recovery coaching. We will co-create an individualized program focused on your goals, budget and preferences – choose from in-person, online face-to-face sessions and/or online communication via text/email or a combination.

Recovery coaching options:
  • In-home support – 30-day intensive – daily ‘abstinent companion’ *(currently limited to European time zones only)
  • 90-day intensive – daily face-to-face online check-in sessions, plus weekly 45-minute face-to-face online sessions and unlimited text/email support
  • 30-90 day weekly face-to-face weekly on-line sessions and unlimited text/email support
  • Individual ½-hour to 1-hour face-to-face online sessions
  • Customized coaching
  • On-line live facilitated support group sessions

Click here to take our 6-question assessment to see if you qualify for a complementary 30-minute consultation.

The process

Prior to all recovery coaching engagements, clients must have completed our Assessment, Treatment & Support process, where they will have received:

  • an initial abstinent food plan,
  • educational material/information,
  • recommendations for specific laboratory tests and/or medical follow up,
  • recommendations for exercise and sleep,
  • and appropriate professional and community-based long-term support.