About Jayn Steele

I suffered from alcohol and other drug addiction and “an eating disorder” until 1995 when I finally entered treatment. Although I have been clean/sober since then, I continued to struggle with my weight, diet, mood and energy. I binged, purged, starved and switched diets constantly, and couldn’t stop thinking about food and eating.

I was told the solution was to ‘eat everything in moderation’ and get therapy. After years of trying this (and failing miserably) I was finally professionally assessed for food and eating process addiction using the SUGAR® evaluation instrument. This was my ‘aha!’ moment!.

When I understood the biochemistry and the neuroscience behind my food and eating behaviour and then applied a holistic and practical abstinence model, I was able to arrest these addiction outlets.

Today I am free from food and related eating-process addiction. I maintain my ideal body composition, am craving-free and live (most days!) with peace, passion and purpose.

I am a licenced SUGAR® Interviewer, a licenced International Food Addiction Counselor, and an Addiction Recovery Coach. My purpose is to “pay it forward” – to help others recover from these complex, controversial, and mis-understood addiction outlets.

My other passions include time with my son Alex and other friends and family members, living and traveling internationally, hiking, biking, reading, writing, laughing, screaming into pillows as needed, and enjoying a full and meaningful life!

Jayn's Before & After Pictures

Before pic of Jayn 2016
Jayn Steele 2020