Jayn's Addiction

S-UNCOPE: Sugar/Flour Assessment

S-UNCOPE: Sugar/Flour Assessment **Sugar/Flour - can be any carbohydrate such as pasta, chips, bread, sweets, cookies, soda, ice-cream, pizza, cereal, in combination with fat, salt, etc.

U = Unplanned Use (Sugar/Flour)

In the past year, have you eaten more sugar/flour than you intended or have you spent more time eating sugar/flour than you intended?

N = Neglected (Sugar/Flour)

Have you ever neglected any of your usual daily responsibilities due to using sugar/flour?

C = Cutdown (Sugar/Flour)

In the past year, have you wanted or thought you needed to cut down on eating sugar/flour?

O = Objected (Sugar/Flour)

Has your family, a friend, a boss or anyone else ever told you they objected to your eating habits?

P = Preoccupied (Sugar/Flour)

Have you ever found yourself preoccupied with wanting to eat sugar/flour or found yourself thinking a lot about eating sugar/flour?

E = Emotional discomfort (Sugar/Flour)

Have you ever eaten sugar/flour to relieve emotional discomfort, such as fatigue, irritation, sadness, anger, tiredness or boredom?

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